FCC Clarifies Deadlines for A-CAM Map Revisions

May 11 deadline remains for all but the 98 areas specified in May 5 Public Notice

It has come to our attention that the FCC’s May 5 Public Notice regarding the A-CAM map does not extend the deadline to submit corrections for all rate-of-return companies. Only those in the 98 service areas specifically listed in the PN have until May 15 to submit corrections. All other companies must meet the original May 11 deadline. Our May 6 e-Lert did not make this clear.

Tuesday’s Public Notice contained revised “Node0” data in the A-CAM map, and included a list of rate-of-return companies whose data was revised. JSI clarified with the FCC that the May 15 extension applies only to the companies listed in the May 5 Public Notice and that the May 11 deadline holds for all other companies. If you have requested GeoResults data from CostQuest this week, JSI encourages you to quickly review the data by May 11. If you are listed in the May 5 Public Notice, the Node0 data is provided on the A-CAM map.

Please contact Cassandra Heyne if you have additional questions or if you need assistance with reviewing the map and data. She can be reached at 301-459-7590.

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