FCC System Ready for Cable Operators to Submit Broadcast Carriage Points of Contact

Requirement deadline is July 31

JSI alerted clients last month of amended FCC rules that require video and cable TV operators to provide contact information that is specific to communications with broadcasters (see our February 4, 2020 e-Lert). The FCC has announced that the Cable Operations and Licensing System (COALS) has been updated with new fields for companies to enter a Carriage Election Notification (CEN) Point of Contact along with the contact’s email address and phone number.

CEN points of contact must be entered no later than July 31 and will require your cable system’s COALS ID, COALS ID password and associated FCC Registration Number (FRN) and FRN password. It is important that this information remain current going forward since all broadcaster communications after July 31 will be emailed to the CEN point of contact shown in your company’s COALS profile.

As well, broadcasters will be adding their CEN points of contact to their FCC Online Public Inspection Files before July 31. After that date, all required cable operator notices and any carriage-related communications from cable operators to broadcasters must be emailed to the broadcaster’s CEN point of contact found in the broadcaster’s Online Public Inspection File.

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