First Broadband Speed Pre-Test Results Due Wednesday

JSI Encourages Companies to File Early

All A-CAM I, Rural Broadband Experiment (RBE), and Alaska Plan recipients must file their first quarter broadband pre-test results in USAC’s Performance Measures Module (PMM) by Wednesday, April 7, 2021. This pre-test year is being used to work out the bugs in broadband testing procedures. During the pre-testing year, you will not be penalized for missing the speed and latency benchmarks; however, your company can be penalized for late-filed data (see JSI’s March 11, 2021, e-Lert).

JSI is encouraging companies to start their filings early to ensure that they meet this week’s filing deadline. Companies have reported encountering issues that cause their filings to fail in the PMM. It can take hours of work to fix formatting or to research issues that are causing the filing to fail. Missing the filing deadline could result in fines by the FCC.

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