IP Transition-Related Changes Made to BIRRDS

This is to advise JSI clients that effective May 8, 2015, updates have been made to the Business Integrated Routing & Rating Database System (BIRRDS) for the identification of IP-related NPA-NXXs and LRNs in the LERG.

The Common Interest Group on Routing & Rating (CIGRR) is the industry support group which provides recommendations to iconectiv on updates to their BIRRDS database and LERG product. In anticipation of industry changes needed to support IP implementation, CIGRR recommended that fields be added to BIRRDS to allow service providers to identify any of their assigned NPA-NXXs as IP capable and, as well, to allow the identification of their designated LRNs as IP capable. These IP flagged NPA-NXXs and LRNs would then be published in the LERG for the industry to review.

The new IP fields are:

  • IP Capable NXX – The code holder has chosen to identify that any non-ported lines (default routed) within the NPA NXX can be routed via IP. This does not preclude the call from being terminated via a TDM (Time Division Multiplex) interconnection.
  • IP Capable LRN/OCN – The code holder has chosen to identify the OCN of a company to which IP traffic can be routed via the LRN identified. This does not preclude the call from being terminated via a TDM (Time Division Multiplex) interconnection.

Please note, these IP fields are optional and there is no current industry requirement for such identification. Flagging your codes in the LERG will only provide a simple notification to other service providers that your company is capable of IP routing. In turn, this may serve as the catalyst for service providers to begin discussion if IP routing between parties is requested.

If JSI currently acts as your AOCN, we can make any requested IP updates to your records for LERG purposes. Should your company like us to identify any of your NPA-NXXs or LRNs as LNP capable, please email your request to Karen Hoffman listing the NPA-NXXs/LRNs to be updated. If your company is currently not an AOCN client but would like to retain JSI for this service or would simply like to discuss this IP change in the LERG, please feel free to contact Karen at 301-459-7590.

AOCN clients – we’d also like your help updating our records to ensure we have the correct information on personnel responsible for LERG updates at your company. Please email Karen Hoffman with your contact name, title, address, email, and phone.

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