JSI Announces Merger of JSI Capital Advisors’ Services

Incorporating Valuation and Enhanced Financial Services into the Suite of JSI Services

JS, LLC (operating as JSI), a full-service consulting firm, is pleased to announce the merger of JSI Capital Advisors, LLC (JSICA) services into JSI. Effective September 1, 2019, JSICA’s Chris Fortuna will join the JSI team and continue offering the valuation and related enhanced financial services that communications companies have relied upon for over 25 years.

William E. (Bill) King, JSICA’s President and Managing Principal, has accepted the position of President and CEO with Codero, a cloud solutions provider.

“Bill, Manny (Staurulakis) and I co-founded JSI Capital Advisors back in 1994 to offer our M&A services out of this new entity and we are very pleased with the success it has achieved over these 25 years. We are now equally excited to offer these financial advisory services once again under JSI and to fully incorporate the capabilities within the firm,” said Leo Staurulakis, JSI’s Executive Vice President and JSICA’s Chairman and Principal. Continuing on, “I’ve enjoyed working with Bill for almost three decades and value his contributions and all he has done. I look forward to our further collaboration as he takes on his new role at Codero.”

“JSICA has always had a successful partnership with JSI, and now, moving directly under the JSI umbrella, our clients will have even greater opportunities to leverage the expertise throughout the organization,” said Chris Fortuna, to be named Director. He added, “Given the fast pace of change and new initiatives being undertaken by rural companies and other communications providers, the timing makes great sense for this merger of services.”