JSI Introduces Its COVID-19 Financial Impact Model

The JSI team wishes its clients, their families, and members of their organizations well during this very trying time. Over the course of the last week or so, many clients have indicated concern surrounding the COVID-19 virus and the potential disruptive effects it could have on their finances, and have reached out to engage us to either conduct an analysis or validate their own forecasts.

With the prospect of the magnitude of the disruption all businesses face in 2020, JSI has created an insightful tool that allows your company to easily and rapidly:

  • Model a range of varying impacts, of both magnitude and timing, to end user-based revenue streams;
  • Understand at what displacement levels falling below minimum desired levels of liquid working cash and/or negative cash flow are experienced;
  • Model what impact scenarios result in debt service coverage falling below acceptable levels;
  • Define impact on EBITDA and cash flow at varying levels of service disruption in absolute terms, and in relation to budget;
  • Model an array of contingency “what-ifs” that dynamically illustrate the foregoing stats based on varying levels of assumed:
    • Pre-planned investment elimination / deferral; and,
    • Accounts payable deferrals – level and timing
  • Produce a number of pre-formed illustrations and graphs identifying the forecasted impact as netted against modeled contingencies for you to use as management/Board briefing/planning material.

We’re facing extraordinary times and an unprecedented level of uncertainty. JSI’s COVID-19 Impact and Contingency Response Template represents a simple, yet insightful, tool to both understand the range of potential impacts to your financial position in 2020, and easily model contingency plans addressing the impacts forecasted. The model can either be purchased and self-populated or we can assist in running the models.

If you would like to know more about the tool or are interested in having us model potential impact scenarios for you, please call Steve Meltzer at 240-556-1248 or reach out to Dave Lewis at 941-257-4291 or Bhavini Sokhey at 240-556-1251.