Need Assistance Managing Copyright Infringement Notices?

JSI knows some companies no longer manage copyright infringement notifications. Don’t be left without protection. If your current provider is withdrawing support or you have not already protected yourself from this copyright liability, JSI can help. ISPs receiving copyright infringement notices can obtain protection from liability under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 (“DMCA”). The DMCA provides safe harbor protection and limits liability in the event of copyright infringement committed by one or more of your subscribers. To realize safe harbor protection, the ISP must:

  • Adopt and reasonably implement a Copyright Infringement Policy to terminate the accounts of repeat infringers
  • Register a Designated Agent with the Copyright Office

JSI provides a subscription service to act as the DMCA Designated Agent. As your DMCA Agent, we manage the copyright infringement piracy notifications you receive because of infringement committed by your subscribers on your network. Copyright trolls can be unduly aggressive in their attempt to enforce copyrights by threatening a lawsuit or forcing a settlement. As your DMCA Agent, JSI will:

  • Conduct enforcement of your copyright policy by sending notifications to subscribers and
  • Manage the caseload.

JSI can also provide language for a Copyright Infringement Enforcement Policy. Under the policy, customers are warned that multiple infringement notices will cause their broadband service to route to a copyright tutorial which JSI can provide upon request.

To learn more about the service, to obtain assistance with registering a DMCA agent, or to obtain the Copyright Tutorial, please click the button below to be connected to one of our experts.

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