New NPAC Registration Dates Quickly Approaching

All carriers must register in order to continue porting

The FCC issued a Public Notice reminding all service providers currently porting telephone numbers using the Number Portability Administration Center (NPAC) that they must complete the registration process by August 31, 2017, if they plan to test their NPAC interface. The registration and testing are part of the process to transition NPAC operation from Neustar to iconectiv. Those companies that do not need to test their NPAC connectivity have until October 31, 2017, to complete the registration process.

If your company uses JSI’s Service Order Administration (SOA) to port numbers in the NPAC, individual company testing is not necessary but registration needs to be completed by October 31st. JSI’s testing will automatically meet the requirement for all JSI SOA clients. If your NPAC access is not via JSI, then individual company testing may be necessary. It depends on how your company connects to the NPAC.

Regardless of the method by which service providers interface with the NPAC, registration with iconectiv is required. iconectiv’s goal is to complete registration prior to the onset of the actual regional conversions.

The iconectiv NPAC registration process consists of three stages: The Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), Transition User Application (TUA), and the Regional User Agreement (RUA). As a helpful guide to completing the registration process with iconectiv, you’ll need to submit the following support documentation along with the TUA:

  • Certificate of Insurance Coverage
  • Proof of Operating Authority/State Certification

In addition, the following network information and contacts are needed to complete the TUA and RUA:

  • General contact information
  • Law enforcement contact
  • Security contact
  • Billing contact
  • 499 ID
  • OCN
  • SS7 vendor
  • NPAC access and usage

For assistance with beginning or completing the iconectiv registration process, testing questions, or to verify your NPAC interface method, please contact Bridget Alexander in JSI’s Maryland office at 301-459-7590. You can also purchase a recording of the “Surviving the NPAC Transition” webinar Bridget presented last fall which covers this process.

For information on JSI’s porting services and flexible SOA packages, contact Karen Hoffman at 301-459-7590.