NTIA Funding Application Deadlines Quickly Approaching

Two NTIA grant programs providing more than $1 billion for broadband projects are accepting applications but the deadlines for both programs are right around the corner. NTIA’s Broadband Infrastructure Program (BIP) has $288 million in funding for government entities. And the Tribal Broadband Connectivity Program will distribute $980 million for tribal broadband deployment and adoption. Broadband providers are not eligible stand-alone applicants of either program, but many of the government and tribal entities vying for the grants will need support from current broadband providers to make a successful application.

These programs provide a unique opportunity to build relationships in the community and serve areas that are not economical without grant funding. If you are considering participating as a partner with a government entity or a Tribal group, you must act soon. BIP program applications are due August 17. The Tribal Broadband Connectivity Program applications are due September 1.

NTIA’s BIP is looking for both last mile and middle mile project applications between $5 million and $30 million, but applications outside those ranges will be considered (See JSI’s May 24, 2021, e-Lert for more information). In addition, the partner can be the owner of the plant constructed if they comply with the other requirements of the grant. Lastly, there is no matching requirement, but there is additional scoring if a 10% match is provided.

The NTIA Tribal program is looking for applications between $1 million and $50 million for broadband deployment applications and between $50,000 and $2.5 million for increased adoption applications. However, like the NTIA BIP applications outside those ranges will be considered. There is no restriction for the commercial partner from owning the constructed plant and there is no matching requirement.

If your company is hoping to participate in an application for either program, you will need to act now. If you need assistance, JSI can support your application with maps, check lists, financial projections, project management, support for the narratives, and engineering support. If you would like our assistance or if you have questions about the requirements for either program, please contact our experts by clicking the button below

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