Numbering Resource Utilization and Forecast (NRUF) Form 502 Due by Feb. 2

All service providers assigned numbering resources from the North American Numbering Plan Administration (NANPA) or the Pooling Administration are required to submit the NRUF Form 502 by February 2, 2015. NRUF Form 502 is a semi-annual filing requirement due February 1 and August 1 each year, reflecting all numbering utilization for the periods Jan. 1-June 30 and July 1-Dec. 31, respectively. Form 502 provides NANPA with the utilization status of all NXXs assigned to service providers, and as well provides NANPA with a forecast of anticipated NXX requirements over the next five years. This allows NANPA to monitor numbering availability and project anticipated numbering exhaust concerns within the NANP territory.

As a further reminder to this filing requirement, all PORTED TELEPHONE NUMBERS (TNs), from within NXXs or blocks assigned to your company, must be reported as ASSIGNED numbers on the Form 502. And, any ported out TN which has been returned to your numbering inventory must be reported as AVAILABLE on the Form 502. As many service providers do not receive notice when one of their ported out TNs has been disconnected and subsequently returned to them as the original assignee of the number, service providers must have a mechanism in place to track the status of ported out/disconnected numbers in order to properly report TN status on the NRUF Form 502.

For those clients requiring assistance with determining the ported out/disconnect status of their numbers, feel free to contact JSI for our Ported TN Report. For those clients that have JSI file the NRUF Form 502 on their behalf, the necessary data forms should have already been received by your company for updating.

Should you have any questions on the Form 502 or Ported TN Report, please contact Karen Hoffman at 301-459-7590.

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