Rate-of-Return USF FNPRM Comment Deadline Set

With the federal government re-opened, the FCC’s proposed rules from its comprehensive December 12, 2018, Report and Order and Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking were published in the February 6 Federal Register. Comments are due March 8, 2019, with reply comments due April 8.

The FNPRM seeks comment on three items:

  • if the FCC should adopt measures to address any “gaming” that might take place in the process of converting lines from voice/data to standalone broadband for the purpose of increasing USF support;
  • how to implement the new rule of phasing out support with a reverse auction in rate-of-return study areas that are 100 percent overlapped; and
  • if this new rule should be applied only to areas with 100 percent competitive overlap or also to areas with “slightly less” overlap, like 95 percent.

JSI is preparing comments on these topics for individual clients. If you are interested in filing comments on one or more of the questions in the FNPRM, please contact John Kuykendall or Cassandra Heyne at 301-459-7590.