Reimbursement Available to Video Operators for Costs Related to Broadcasters’ Relocation

Must file estimated costs by July 12

Some multi-channel video programming distributors (MVPDs) may find themselves incurring costs as the FCC moves around broadcast stations after the completion of its “Broadcast Incentive Auction.” The FCC will reimburse any reasonable costs related to these station relocations, but MVPDs must submit their estimated costs to the FCC via Form 399 by Wednesday, July 12, 2017.

To determine if your MVPD will be impacted, please review this list of broadcast stations whose channels will be changing (click here and choose the fourth item – “Phase Assignment” to download the CSV file). If a station that your system carries is listed, you should reach out to the broadcast station to discuss the changes and any estimated costs of continuing to carry the station’s signal once it moves to the new channel.

During the Incentive Auction, the FCC bought 84 megahertz of spectrum from participating broadcast stations, a portion of which was then sold to wireless carriers. Over the next 39 months, the FCC will “repack” broadcast station spectrum, causing some station channels to change. Repacking reorganizes and assigns channels to the remaining broadcast television stations. This will allow the FCC to create blocks of cleared spectrum suitable for flexible wireless use.

Additional information regarding this form can be found at  Please contact John Kuykendall in JSI’s Maryland office at 301-459-7590 if you have any questions or need assistance in completing this form.