Reminder: May 1 Deadline for ETCs to Decide on 2015 Lifeline Recertification

Eligible telecommunications carriers (ETCs) that wish to change who will manage their 2015 annual Lifeline recertifications have until May 1, 2015, to notify the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) about their choice. This applies both to companies that did not elect to have USAC conduct their 2014 annual recertification but wish to do so now, and any that had USAC complete the 2014 recertification but want to do it themselves in 2015. ETCs that used USAC in 2014 and would like USAC to conduct the recertification in 2015 do not need to take action.

There are pros and cons to having USAC conduct the recertification. On the plus side, your staff is free to focus on other projects during this busy period. On the negative side, companies that had USAC conduct the recertification saw higher de-enroll numbers due to non-response (upwards of 75%), which can cause additional work for your company in the long run when those customers subsequently wish to be re-added. ETCs in states that manage Lifeline recertification (e.g., Texas) may not opt into USAC.

If you would like to weigh your options, please contact Tanea Foglia in JSI’s Maryland office at 301-459-7590 or Lisa McLaughlin in JSI’s Texas office at 512-338-0473.