Reminder: New Lifeline Forms in Effect July 1

USAC recertification election window to open in July

If your company has not made the switch already, you must begin using USAC’s new universal consumer forms (FCC Forms 5629, 5630 and 5631) no later than July 1, 2018, for all customers enrolling in Lifeline, recertifying their eligibility, and submitting one-per-household worksheets. These new forms may not be altered in any way with a few exceptions, such as to translate into a language other than Spanish or to add your company’s return address. Additional information that may be required by your state may be included on your company’s online forms or as an attachment to paper copies, however the additions must be added before or after the full form.

The forms are available on USAC’s website in both English and Spanish and are for use in all states and territories unless a state law, regulation or a state agency requires ETCs to use a pre-existing form for Lifeline subscribers in that state. USAC recently identified those states as California, District of Columbia, Florida, Minnesota, Nebraska, Oregon and Texas.

You do not have to wait until July 1 to use these new forms. In fact, if you claim Lifeline reimbursement for a subscriber whose enrollment or 60-day notice period began on or after July 1, not using the new universal forms will subject your company to possible enforcement actions and return of any reimbursement for those customers.

USAC-Elected Recertification
For those companies that would like USAC to perform their annual Lifeline recertifications, USAC will begin accepting new elections for the 2019 calendar year in mid-July. Companies will have six weeks to make the election. The recertification election spreadsheet is on USAC’s website at JSI will send a reminder once the date has been announced.

If you have questions regarding the information in this update, please contact Lans Chase at 770-569-2105 or Lisa McLaughlin at 512-338-0473.