Reminder: RoR Carriers Must Claim Their CAF Census Blocks by July 7

Unclaimed Blocks in Rate-of-Return Areas Will Be Included in Auction

As a follow-up to our June 7 e-Lert, JSI reiterates that all rate-of-return carriers should review the list of “unclaimed” census blocks that were not claimed by price cap carriers in the Connect America Fund Phase II, some of which may actually reside in rate-of-return study areas. We have combined the FCC’s list and one compiled by USTelecom (our June 7 e-Lert only linked to the FCC’s list; this combined list contains ALL of the unclaimed blocks). We strongly encourage you to review this list immediately, even if you looked at the FCC’s list earlier this month, to determine if any of these blocks are within your service area.

JSI will file group comments by the July 7 deadline listing all census blocks and partial blocks that clients identify from the “unclaimed blocks” list. If your company would like to be included in the group comments, please consider the following steps:

  • Review the combined unclaimed blocks list and identify blocks that are solely or partially within your study area
  • Contact JSI by June 28 to be included in the group comments and provide us with a list of blocks in your study area

JSI is available to assist with identifying blocks and can produce a map of your study area if you are unsure of their exact location. From there, we can determine the block ID numbers and include them in the filing. Please let us know if you would like assistance with identifying blocks.

If you wish to be included in the group comments, you must let us know no later than June 28 by the end of the day. We will circulate a draft shortly thereafter to all companies included on the comments. For questions or to be included in the filing, please contact one of our experts by clicking the button below.

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