Verizon Wireless Porting Requirements to Change

Verizon Wireless notified carriers in August that it will soon require ALL port out requests to be submitted via the Syniverse LNP Port Out GUI.

Thursday, October 9, 2014, is the last day Verizon Wireless will accept port out requests via fax or email to Syniverse.

After October 9, ALL port out requests to Verizon Wireless (SPID 6006) must be submitted via the Syniverse LNP Port Out GUI. This includes “port to original” requests. Responses to port requests or supplements entered in the Syniverse LNP Port Out GUI will route back to the submitting provider via fax or email as desired.

In 2009, JSI registered several client companies for access to the Syniverse Port Out GUI when AT&T Mobility initiated the requirement. If your company was registered in 2009, you do not need to register again as the access is valid for all wireless carriers utilizing Syniverse as its port clearinghouse. However, it is recommended you log in to the GUI to confirm your access credentials are operational.

If your company has not been registered to access the Syniverse Port Out GUI, registration should be completed prior to October 9. If not, Syniverse will reject manual port request submissions and require Port Out GUI registration.

Please contact Bridget Alexander at 301-459-7590 to verify your registration or if you need registration assistance before the Verizon Wireless October 9 date.