Updated Study Area Boundary Deadline Delayed to Mar. 23

Just hours after we reminded everyone about the upcoming deadline for updated study area boundary shapefiles (March 12 e-Lert), the FCC announced that it would delay the submission deadline from March 16 to March 23 due to technical issues with the Study Area Boundary Data Collection website. ILECs that are submitting modified boundaries must now upload and certify their shapefiles here by March 23. Boundary updates could be a result of acquired study areas, overlap reconciliation with other ILECs, or fixing inaccurate boundaries.

All ILECS that do not need to submit a modified shapefile still must certify their previously-filed boundaries by May 26. The FCC site is not set up yet for the recertification process, but JSI will alert clients and describe how we can assist with the process as soon as more information is available.

For questions about the shapefile submission and recertification, contact Cassandra Heyne in the Maryland office at 301-459-7590.

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