Webinar: Video 2020–To Be Continued or Series Finale?

JSI webinar focused on the video/cable TV market’s future

Major upheaval is afoot in the video/cable TV industry, and your company may face some big decisions in the coming months or years about how to proceed with its video services. The shift from traditional pay TV to over-the-top (OTT), a la carte packages, and broadband-enabled video entertainment has proceeded at a much faster pace than ever envisioned. Some small rural video providers may find that it is in their best interest to discontinue their legacy cable systems in favor of giving consumers freedom to choose their own video products over their high-speed broadband network. Others may see a longer-term future with the traditional video model and wish to stick with it.

JSI recently presented a webinar on the video industry’s future. Our video experts discussed today’s market and other interesting details included in the recent AT&T-Time Warner merger court decision; other pending mega-mergers in the video and entertainment markets and how they could affect your company’s bottom line; and emerging options for OTT programming that may jumpstart your interest in transitioning from traditional cable to more modern and cost-effective approaches to video delivery.

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This webinar also is part of our 2018 Video Compliance Webinar series. Companies that subscribe to JSI’s Video Compliance Service will receive a $70 discount on this event.