Video Compliance Series Webinars

JSI has held a series of video compliance webinars covering a variety of topics of interest to JSI clients. Recordings of each of these webinars are available for purchase. 

Are You Prepared for a Surprise Visit from the FCC?
Cable companies must be ready with the proper documents at all times in case a member of the public or someone from the FCC walks in and asks to view them. Would your company be scrambling to produce the correct documents? The FCC historically levies $10,000 fines for failing to maintain and produce these public inspection files. Is this a gamble your company is willing to take? This two-hour webinar helps clients prepare their public inspection files, as well as additional compliance requirements on cable EEO filings, Emergency Alert System (EAS), other technical compliance records, and possible enforcement actions by the FCC for noncompliance.

Pricing Video to Grow Revenue
Small video providers face many challenges, but chief among them is pricing their services in such a way to recoup their costs while not pricing their customers out of the market. This webinar looked at operation and programming costs, pricing, bundling and marketing, plus current market statistics and data and JSI’s approach to pricing these highly competitive services.

Helpful Tips to Reduce Copyright Fees
Filing the bi-annual Copyright Statement of Accounts and paying the necessary royalty fees to the Library of Congress can be one of the most complicated and costly compliance requirements for any provider.  For large companies that serve several designated market areas (DMAs), the royalty fees can total hundreds of thousands of dollars. This webinar provided an overview of the copyright statement and royalty fees, details about both the short and long forms, which form companies should be using to file their statements and strategies for reducing the total amount of fees paid.

Purchase a Recording of These Webinar Programs

If you are interested in purchasing any of the following webinar recordings for $249 per company by contacting our Marketing Department, either by clicking the button below or by calling our Maryland office at 301-459-7590.