Video Providers Reminded to Check EAS Equipment Security

Video providers recently received emails from the FCC reminding them of the importance of security measures for Emergency Alert System (EAS) equipment connected to the internet. The FCC said it is aware of various instances of IP-based equipment without adequate security to protect it from disabling or exploitative attacks.

Video providers should review the security of their system’s EAS equipment and are advised to ensure that:

  1. Default passwords have been changed;
  2. Equipment is updated with current security patches; and
  3. EAS equipment is secured behind properly configured firewalls and other defensive measures.

There are detailed best practices concerning administration of the EAS system. JSI can provide a copy of these best practices upon request. The FCC also encourages EAS participants to contact their equipment manufacturers if there are any questions regarding the internal security of EAS equipment.

Please contact Marty Kluh or Valerie Wimer at 301-459-7590 if you have questions.