Webinar: Election 2020 – Selecting the Best Regulatory Path for BDS

Price Cap or Rate of Return? Choose Wisely.

A-CAM I, A-CAM II, and Alaska Plan carriers have a choice to make in 2020 – whether or not to move to a price-cap incentive regulatory regime for business data services (BDS), formerly known as “special access.” Based on current FCC rules, this is likely the last opportunity eligible carriers will have to make this election.

Like any big change, there are advantages and disadvantages that must be weighed before deciding. You may find that incentive regulation isn’t right for your company. But if you do choose the path towards price-cap regulation, you’ll need a good implementation roadmap.

For those companies eligible to make this decision, JSI recently held a refresher on the specifics of the FCC’s BDS Order, with a focus on helping you properly evaluate all information needed to make this choice. In addition, we covered:

  • Services covered in the BDS Order
  • Timeline for elections
  • Advantages and risks of making the change
  • Tariffing options post-BDS election
  • Implementation steps
  • Effect on your current BDS rates
  • Effect on NECA pooling
  • Other factors to consider

JSI has worked with our client companies on this process for over a year, including assisting those carriers that elected BDS in 2019, allowing us to include real-world situations our clients have faced as they’ve elected incentive regulation.

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