Webinar: Final Factors to Ponder Before Choosing A-CAM II

If you are a rate-of-return carrier that is not already receiving model-based high-cost support, you have a big decision to make in the coming weeks that will affect your company’s revenue streams for the next decade (see JSI’s May 2 e-Lert for details). With your A-CAM II election decision due July 17 (see our e-Lert about the delayed deadline), JSI recently held a webinar where our experts answered everyone’s lingering last-minute questions. As you make your final decision, be sure that you’re clear about:

  • How the FCC is defining locations, both business and residential
  • Possible penalties companies could face if they can’t meet their build-out obligations
  • Reporting obligations over the 10-year span
  • Tariff implications and what changes will need to be made right away
  • Option to elect incentive regulation for business data services (otherwise known as special access)
  • Additional factors to consider before making the final decision

JSI also has developed a template for those electing A-CAM II to use when they submit their letter to the FCC. The webinar includes our recommendations for properly filing the letter with the FCC.

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If you were unable to attend this webinar, you can still purchase a recording of this program for $249 per company by contacting our Marketing Department, either by clicking the button below or by calling our Maryland office at 301-459-7590.