Webinar: Numbering & Porting in 2020 — Chilling Tales of Unfortunate Truths

Bridget Alexander White recently gathered everyone around their computers for a webinar about the rural industry’s latest numbering and porting horrors:

  • Fiendish tricksters are stealing your customers’ telephone numbers! Learn how you can protect customers from port-out fraud.
  • Port-out requests from iVoIPs may seem frightening, but we will reveal to you how to respond and when you can turn away requests.
  • We’re all still cursed with illegal and unwanted robocalls. The industry’s latest silver bullets likely won’t kill them, but could hobble them somewhat.
  • Another dreadful requirement is lurking around the corner. We’ll dig up the details on the new Reassigned Numbers Database‘s timeline and how gruesome this could be for your company.
  • Don’t let the FCC’s new 3-digit code sneak up on you. Find out what it is, when you must add it to your network, its requirements, and possible technical challenges.
  • We’ve been creeping towards 10-digit dialing and all-IP routing for years. Find out if the ominous predictions of switch updates and network changes may finally become a reality.

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