Webinar: Protecting Your Broadband Network from Denial of Service Attacks

Denial of Service attacks are on the rise and your broadband network and your customers could be targets at any moment. Is your network protected from attackers trying to slow or even bring down your internet connection?

On our recent webinar, N-Com’s network security gurus talked about how easy it is to launch these attacks and the different ways to protect your network and customers from them:

  • What are DDoS attacks?
  • Why would someone start a DDoS attack?
  • How are DDoS attacks launched?
  • Why is attack mitigation difficult for ISPs?
  • Solutions rural ISPs can implement

This free webinar is geared towards both decision makers concerned about the network’s security and the technical staff who maintain your company’s network.

Purchase a Recording of This Webinar Program

If you were unable to attend this webinar, you can still purchase a recording of this program for $249 per company by contacting our Marketing Department, either by clicking the button below or by calling our Maryland office at 301-459-7590.



About N-Com
N-Com is JSI’s newest division, added in September 2020. Established in 2004, N-Com engineers have a strong background in communications engineering that reaches back as far as the 1970s. Their participation in the industry evolution over the past several decades has yielded a unique perspective in planning a migration path to the future. From day one at N-Com, it was recognized that the future of telecommunications was broadband data. N-Com intentionally combined traditional telecom engineering services with IP technology expertise to assist rural telecom companies with their migration to carrier-class IP-based broadband networks. Today, N-Com is a strategic partner, working alongside those same providers as well as those who are new to and entering the broadband delivery market to help engineer, maintain and secure the complete communications network. N-Com can be found at https://ncom.co/.