Webinar: Reviewing Critical Federal 911 and Outage Reporting Requirements

Do Not Chance an FCC Fine (or Worse) Due to a 911 Outage

No service you provide to your customers is more vital than making sure they can reach 911 quickly and easily in an emergency. And the FCC feels the same, hitting several companies recently with multi-million-dollar fines for not delivering emergency calls and fully complying with federal 911 outage reporting rules.

These recent enforcement actions, along with the latest enhanced 911 location accuracy rules, make this a critical time for providers to review their current procedures. Recently, our 911 experts covered:

  • Details and best practices for network outage reporting, especially outages caused by natural disasters;

  • Complying with the annual 911 Reliability Certification requirement;

  • Future rule changes the FCC is considering;

  • Additional information about the FCC’s 911 location accuracy rules; and

  • Best practices for network resiliency and public safety that are not required, but highly encouraged.

All service providers that connect calls to a 911 system need to be aware of and fully meet these obligations. Those companies that provide 911, E911, or NG911 capabilities directly to Public Safety Answering Points or that operate one or more central offices that directly serves a PSAP are especially important to the emergency response system and absolutely must be sure they’re complying with all of the FCC’s 911 rules. Dropping the ball on these services not only can bring the FCC’s Enforcement Bureau to your door, but also can result in a public relations nightmare for your company. Don’t take that chance.

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