Webinar: Understanding Cost Allocations and Affiliate Transactions

As your company expands and diversifies its business with more non-regulated services, there is greater risk of crossing the delicate regulated versus non-regulated cost allocation barrier if your financial house is not in order or your affiliate transactions aren’t properly documented. Federal and state regulators, particularly those at USAC, are actively looking for cost allocation violations and these could result in audit findings and financial costs.

Our recent webinar was designed to help telco managers, CFOs and accounting management staff evaluate their company’s regulated/non-regulated transactions. During the webinar, our experts:

  • Summarized the FCC and state requirements for regulated/non-regulated allocations;
  • Explained cost allocation manual requirements and potential structure;
  • Reviewed cost allocation methods for plant and other assets, as well as labor and other operating expenses;
  • Discussed time reporting and benefits distributions allocations and issues;
  • Offered tips for ensuring proper communications; and
  • Shared our experience with external reviews, audits and other regulatory oversight efforts.

A recording of the webinar is available for $249. Contact Brenda Cordwell in the Maryland office at 301-459-7590 for more information about this webinar or to purchase the recording.