Webinar: Winning Is Not Everything: How to Comply with Your Broadband Award Obligations (Free)

Did you win a federal or state broadband grant or loan? 

If so, your award agreement may contain certain requirements that your company is either unaware of or potentially unprepared to meet. 

To help you and your company navigate the complex landscape of post-award compliance requirements, JSI will be hosting a free, interactive webinar and in-depth discussion on this topic, entitled “Winning Is Not Everything: How to Comply with Your Broadband Award Obligations,” on Tuesday, December 13, 2022, at 2:00 pm (EST).

During this program, JSI’s team will address a range of important issues, which include:

  • Discussing why post-award compliance matters;
  • Providing an overview of the processes and procedures your business must implement and maintain throughout the post-award cycle to mitigate any potential risks to your company; and
  • Highlighting the key provisions of many state and federal agreements that could potentially pose challenges to your company – such as internal controls, construction grant requirements, bonding requirements, cybersecurity matters, supply chain issues, and “Buy America” rules, among other things.


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