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JSI is a consulting and broadband solutions leader, offering communications providers a complete range of financial, engineering, regulatory, operational, and strategic services to help them find success at every stage of their businesses.

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Helping to Make the Connections That Matter for the Past 60 Years.

For decades now, JSI has successfully partnered with hundreds of communications providers to help them make the connections that matter most – to their businesses, their customers, and the communities in which they operate. We prefer, however, to let our clients and our results speak for themselves.

We've had DDoS protection for a long time and understand it's an important part of total customer satisfaction.

Since there was no additional cost to increase the number of upstream connections [with JSI's Smart Advantage DDoS Mitigation service], we can continue to grow our business without incurring additional charges to mitigate attacks with the added benefit of detailed upstream monitoring.

Michael Prather

Vice President - Technology, Totelcom Communications, LLC

JSI's NOC+ service proved invaluable to our business when we experienced a major broadband network outage. JSI's network engineers quickly engaged our equipment vendor and worked through the night to identify a previously undocumented behavior and develop a workaround that brought all of our customers back online. That outage could have lasted longer and been significantly costlier to us without JSI's help, so we are grateful to have them on our team – both then and now.

Patrick Sherrill

General Manager, Poka Lambro Telephone Cooperative, Inc.

The team at [JSI] came to my rescue and have dramatically reduced my stress level with CABs.

They have restored my confidence in my CABs bills, as now they're timely and, most of all, accurate.

Mark Graf

General Manager/CEO, Winn Telecom

Providing Complete Broadband Solutions for the Decades Ahead.

JSI’s expert consulting teams have served as the preferred partners to countless communications providers across the country for more than half a century now.

Discover how our teams’ combined experience and comprehensive suite of broadband solutions can help you build your own business and find success – today, tomorrow, and in the decades ahead.




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Providing Complete Broadband Solutions for the Decades Ahead.

Our premier business consulting and engineering teams have been blazing trails in the telecommunications industry for decades.

With their combined experience and expertise, our team can provide your company with the seamless, end-to-end solutions and industry insight that you need to successfully plan for the strategic growth of your own company.




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Providing Complete Broadband Solutions for the Decades Ahead.

At JSI, we take our commitment to client partnerships very seriously. We have spent decades serving as proactive business partners to communications providers across the country, helping them to find success at every stage of their businesses.

Our team of industry veterans has extensive experience supporting the ongoing operations of countless US companies. Learn how our team and our Smart Advantage suite of broadband solutions can help you successfully operate and grow your business – without first having to grow your in-house team.

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Providing Complete Broadband Solutions for the Decades Ahead.

Success is frequently measured in inches, not yards. However, many communications providers simply lack the time and the resources to make incremental improvements to every part of their businesses.

Rest assured: with our team of industry veterans and telecommunications experts by your side, as well as our Smart Advantage suite of solutions, you can begin strategically optimizing your business today – helping you to find success today and to better prepare for whatever tomorrow might hold.

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The Numbers That Count.

It is quite difficult to argue with results – particularly when those results are quantifiable. See for yourself how our team measures up in some of the ways that matter most to the companies and communities that we serve.

The Right Team.
The Right
Right Where You Need Us the Most.

With veteran consulting, engineering, and support professionals strategically located across the continental United States, Alaska, and Hawaii, JSI can provide clients with a highly experienced team almost anywhere that support is needed.

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