JSI’s DDoS Mitigation Solution

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We've had DDoS protection for a long time and understand it's an important part of total customer satisfaction.

Since there was no additional cost to increase the number of upstream connections [with JSI's Smart Advantage DDoS Mitigation service], we can continue to grow our business without incurring additional charges to mitigate attacks with the added benefit of detailed upstream monitoring.

Michael Prather


Vice President - Technology, Totelcom Communications, LLC

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Cyberattacks Are on the Rise.

Since the rapid migration to remote access for students and employees, large-scale distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks have increased in frequency, intensity, and duration.

There has also been an ever-increasing number of small-scale DDoS attacks, which have disrupted networks and impacted customer experience, but for far shorter periods of time.

That often means that those attacks end and their symptoms disappear before network engineers can identify the cause of the disruptions.

JSI’s DDoS Mitigation solution is affordable, rapidly deployable, and requires no other ISP systems to operate.

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What Do Our Customers Have to Say About Us?

The team at [JSI] came to my rescue and have dramatically reduced my stress level with CABs.

They have restored my confidence in my CABs bills, as now they're timely and, most of all, accurate.

Mark Graf

General Manager/CEO, Winn Telecom

Partnering with JSI greatly exceeded our expectations at every turn: They assembled a highly experienced team, all from under one roof, that not only provided us with a comprehensive assessment of our broadband business but also developed a range of strategies to ensure our long-term success.

Sandeep Krishnamurthy

CATV Director - San Bruno CityNet Services