Carrier Identification Code Reports Due by Jan. 31

Failure to Submit the Required Semi-Annual Reports May Result in CIC Reclamation by NANPA

The semi-annual Carrier Identification Code (CIC) Entity Access and Usage reports covering the period from July 1 through December 31, 2022, are due to the North American Numbering Plan Administration (NANPA) CIC Administrator by January 31, 2023.

For purposes of usage and reporting, CICs are assigned as Direct Trunk Access Feature Group B or D (FG B / FG D) or as Switchless Reseller. Companies assigned Direct Trunk Access CICs must have trunk access with a facilities-based local exchange carrier (LEC). The trunk access must be reported to NANPA by both the CIC assignee and the facilities-based LEC from which the CIC assignee purchases access.

Holders of Switchless Reseller CICs must report the underlying carrier with which the CIC has FG D usage.

Semi-annual CIC reports are the only tool used by NANPA to confirm if a CIC is being used in accordance with the CIC Assignment Guidelines or to determine if a CIC is subject to reclamation by NANPA.

Important CIC reminders include:

  • NANPA may initiate CIC reclamation if the required reports are not submitted.
  • Ensure the CIC reports are accurate before submission, as the information provided is considered certified.
  • CICs must be used in the manner they were requested and assigned within the CIC guidelines.
  • Verify that your company’s CIC contact on file with NANPA  is current and accurate, and if it is not, then updates should be filed with NANPA. 

For additional information on this reporting requirement and how JSI’s CIC Management Service can help you better manage your CICs in the future, please contact Bridget Alexander White ( in JSI’s Maryland office, either by calling 301-459-7590 or by clicking the button below to connect via email.

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