NECA Restricts Access to the Tariff 4 Database

Database will remain closed during government shutdown

JSI alerts its clients that, due to the partial federal government shutdown, NECA has restricted access to the FCC Tariff No. 4 database. NECA says this is to protect the integrity of the database.

Until the FCC reopens, NECA members will not be able to update or view data in the “Work” file of the database. Members will be able to view data in the database’s “Pending” and “Effective” files.

For those clients that use JSI’s Tariff 4 updating services, please continue to submit your requests to JSI as usual. We will ensure that all changes are entered into the Tariff 4 database as soon as the restrictions are removed. For the present, we can continue to pull all records associated with the pending or effective files should your company require this information to review.

For questions regarding Tariff 4 access or updates, please contact Karen Hoffman in JSI’s Maryland office at 301-459-7590.