The 2024 ACQ Filing Process Has Officially Started For All Companies Registered With NPAC

The 2024 ACQ Filing Process Has Officially Started For All Companies Registered With NPAC

This year’s ACQ must be completed no later than March 25, 2024. The ACQ submission is an annual attestation that no changes have occurred to the status of your company as submitted on the NPAC Customer Application. Types of changes include:

  • Change to the Applicant Type (Wireless, Wireline, VoIP)
  • Addition or deletion of NPAC Region(s) in which you are doing business
  • Change in Proof of Operating Authority (E.g., Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity (CPCN), FCC Radio License, or FCC Proof of Numbering Authority)

If there have been changes to your proof of operating authority and/or application information, then you should immediately contact iconectiv’s Account Management and they will assist you in updating your application. An updated application must be submitted prior to the 2024 ACQ being submitted.

The ACQ is completed on-line at iconectiv’s NPAC Customer Portal, The Project Representative for each company, as provided on the NPAC Customer Application, will receive an email notification from iconectiv to complete this filing. All email notices have been sent out by iconectiv to the project representative. If your company has not received this email you will need to contact NPAC Account Management,, to update the Project Representative information on file.

It is essential that all service providers meet the March 25, 2024 deadline for filing the ACQ. Any service provider which does not file the ACQ may be removed from the NPAC by iconectiv, which will prevent the service provider’s ability to port in the NPAC.

Any questions regarding the ACQ requirements or filing process please contact Karen Hoffman, or call 301-459-7590.