Cyber Security Services

Cyber Security Services

Take the guesswork out of the regulatory compliance mandates, and protect your network with one of our Cyber Secure Packages.

Cyber Secure 

Protect your network and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements with our Cyber Secure Essential and Plus packages.

Essential Package Includes:

  • Network Vulnerability Scans
  • Configuration & Password Assessments
  • Remote Security Awareness Training
  • Social Engineering & Phishing Campaign
  • Cyber Plans Updates
  • Policies, Procedures, & Risk Assessment Updates
  • Hardware & Software Inventory Updates
  • Remote Review of Physical Security Controls


Plus Package Includes:

  • All items in the Base Package
  • Continuous Vulnerability Scanning & Response
  • Threat Detection & Protection for Device


Package Add Ons:

  • In-Person Review of Physical Security Controls
  • In-Person Security Awareness Training
  • Quarterly External Scans
  • BCP/DR Updates
  • BCP Test Documentation



Cyber Compliance 

Our plans include:
•   Cyber Security Risk Management
•   Cyber Supply Chain Risk Management
•   Cyber Incident Response Plans

Is your company cyber compliant?

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Cyber Secure

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Are You Prepared for a Cyber Attack?

Every 39 seconds across the globe, hackers launch another cyber-attack. When you partner with JSI, we ensure your compliance and help protect your company from financial, legal, and reputational damage with our Cyber Secure packages.

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