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Broadband is an essential service that directly impacts a community’s economic vitality. Much like the nation’s interstate highway system, broadband allows communities to effectively participate in a global economy that relies on cloud and online connectivity.

JSI has been advising clients on the deployment of communications and technology services for nearly 60 years. Our 100+ consultants include experts in engineering, financial analysis, market assessment, capitalization, regulatory, and deployment services.

This diversity allows us to provide a turn-key set of solutions to assist your organization as it builds a robust broadband network.

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Broadband Feasibility Assessment
What you need

Engineering Study: Our engineers draw on their decades of experience designing broadband networks to accurately capture the capital investment necessary to meet your service objectives, based on the optimal mix of technologies for the service environment.

Market Assessment: We employ a range of tools to accurately gauge your project’s market share potential:

  • FCC reporting data;
  • Research and market share reports from leading market research firms;
  • Direct survey instruments;
  • Demand aggregation toolsets; and
  • Demand data from the hundreds of broadband providers we serve.

Financial Feasibility: JSI’s powerful purpose-built financial models allow us to not only conduct highly insightful and accurate analysis, but also provide a practical budgetary / operational roadmap to help guide your broadband deployment project.

How we can help

JSI’s experienced and multi-faceted staff possess the skills and tools to provide you with an analytically accurate and insightful assessment.

Broadband projects are both capital intensive and logistically complex. Deploying a new and largely unknown technology / business can be daunting. Step one of any project should be to determine if it is a feasible project.

Our collaborative approach to examining the financial feasibility is rooted in our experience assisting hundreds of broadband service providers across the U.S. We don’t simply drop a report on your desk, but rather we work with your team throughout the process.

Deployment Assistance
What you need

Deploying a viable broadband solution requires the effective blend of strategic and tactical planning and rigorous nuts and bolts coordination. Our deployment solutions, which are comprehensive and informed by decades of experience across hundreds of clients, include:

  • Product Positioning and Pricing
  • Administrative and Service Delivery Platform Sourcing
  • Detailed Network Engineering Design
  • Contractor and Vendor Selection and Management
  • Construction Project Management, Inspection and As-Builts
  • Core ISP Headend Equipment (routers, servers, IP addresses, and Internet transit/peering upstream connections)
  • Brand Building, Community Communication, Marketing and PR
  • Subsidiary Establishment
  • Capitalization Sourcing and Optimization
  • Regulatory Compliance

Often, when venturing into a new and complex area, organizations confront situations where they simply don’t know what they don’t know. JSI’s experience and commitment ensures your organization’s broadband venture is built upon a solid foundation and staged for success.

How we can help

The fundamental difference between successful broadband projects and those that struggle or fail is rooted in the thoroughness and pragmatism of the deployment plan.
Depending on your needs, we can provide à la carte deployment applications or turn-key management of your entire network and service deployment. JSI’s service delivery approach and philosophy are rooted in:

  1. Collaboratively defined deployment goals and network/service delivery timelines.
  2. Established communications protocols relating status across all relevant attributes of our engagement.
  3. Use of collaboration tools enhancing communication, collaboration, and information access.
  4. A predictable and economic fee structure.
Service Delivery Optimization
What you need

Broadband service delivery involves integration of a range of service applications and business management functions, including network monitoring and management; Tier 1, 2 and 3 support; billing; promotion; management; and more.
Proven solutions from JSI and its select partners enable both a rewarding customer experience and a financially rational service delivery and management framework. We offer a range of service delivery applications including:

  • Network monitoring, troubleshooting, and bandwidth upgrade planning
  • Cybersecurity solutions, including DDOS Attack Mitigation
  • Comprehensive business intelligence dashboards reflecting financial and operational performance across a range of attributes
  • Product sourcing vendor management
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Billing
  • Tier 1, 2, and 3 customer support
  • Marketing and promotional services
  • Ongoing best practice education and training
How we can help

Service integrity, customer experience, and financial returns are all influenced by a provider’s underlying service delivery platforms.

JSI maintains a suite of services and partner relationships that address the service delivery challenges created by a lack of operational scale, allowing even small organizations to provide a world-class broadband service solution.

Our experience and unwavering commitment to our clients ensures that your service delivery infrastructure, and the staff that support it, are best in class, predictable, adaptable, and accessible.

Stability, effectiveness, responsiveness, and value. That’s what today’s broadband consumer expects. And with JSI’s Service Delivery and Optimization Services, it’s what your solution will be staged to deliver.