JSI’s newly expanded E-Rate Connect Bundle is designed to help your company better compete for contracts to provide telecom services to your local schools, school districts, libraries, and consortia. Our E-Rate Connect Bundle is a dedicated set of eyes focused on USAC’s Form 470 database to spot the business opportunities specific to your area.

Our tools ensure you do not miss out on a potential contract, plus we help you keep track of important deadlines and requirements.

If you subscribe to the bundle, you’ll receive:

  • Details of any Form 470 RFPs we find specific to your service areas, making it easier for you to respond quickly
  • “Breaking news” alerts
  • Invitations to interactive conference calls where you can ask questions about E-rate and other similar federal funding programs, including telehealth funding
  • Deadline calendars and reminders
  • Discounts on training sessions on E-rate and Rural Healthcare

It is vital to safeguard your anchor institution business accounts, but you must monitor and respond to Form 470s filed with USAC and stay in touch with these important customers. JSI’s E-Rate Connect Bundle will help you do just that. And the best part – we send all of this information directly to your email inbox! There’s no time to delay – FY2021 Form 470s are already being released.

JSI’s Other E-Rate Services*

Our E-rate experts also are available to answer your questions about the E-rate program, to help you develop comprehensive proposals in response to requests for service, to help you appeal negative USAC or FCC decisions, and to assist your company if it is audited by USAC.

As well, JSI offers a 90-minute training session on E-rate:

  • Overview of the E-rate program
  • Review of the program’s various forms
  • Explanation of the gift rules
  • Review of program deadlines

* These services are provided on an hourly basis and not included in the E-Rate Connect Bundle

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