E-rate Services

With schools eager to expand their networks, and competitors aggressively marketing E-rate solutions, the time is ripe to develop a well-conceived strategy for delivering E-rate services. JSI can help you capture your local schools’ and libraries’ E-rate dollars. Our experienced team has assisted clients with E-rate questions and planning since the program’s 1996 inception. Among the E-rate services we offer are:

  • Monitoring Form 470 Requests on USAC’s Website (our “E-Rate Connect Service”)
  • Customized Telco Training
  • E-rate Marketing Plans
  • Identifying Eligible and Non-eligible Services
  • Composing and Negotiating Service & Maintenance Contracts
  • USAC-Required Reporting
  • Developing Quotes or Bids for Services
  • Calculation of Educational discounts, Taxes, Fees & Surcharges
  • Tracking E-rate Funding Commitments
  • Compliance Guidelines & Forms for Gift Giving
  • Educational Service Tariffs
  • Audit Responses & Record Retention Compliance


For more information on any of JSI’s E-rate services, please contact Diana Zake at 512-614-3222 or Chresanthe Staurulakis at 301-459-7590.


  • JSI is a proactive partner, closely attuned to the financial, technological, business and policy developments unfolding across the industry.
  • Our team regularly meets with the FCC and PUC staff on regulatory initiatives and provides expert testimony in federal and state proceedings.
  • JSI plays a prominent role in industry and association forums and champions the interests of community based independent providers as policy is debated and formed.
  • Our staff is knowledgeable, accessible and consistently receives positive feedback.
  • We give back to the industry and local communities through various charitable activities.

What Clients Say

Though we are probably not one of their largest customers, they treat us like we are their only customer. They are always there and prompt when we need them to help us navigate this most complex industry. We are fortunate to have them as a partner.
Jeff Leslie, ITS Telecom


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