Number Portability Services

Number Portability continues to evolve, particularly now that we’re moving toward an all-IP network. JSI provides number portability services that support companies’ day-to-day porting requirements.

Our Service Order Administration (SOA) service provides an efficient process for clients to port their telephone numbers in the NPAC. Clients are able to submit and monitor port requests and track the status of TN processing. Our porting plans are cost effective to companies with all levels of porting. For information regarding our SOA services, please contact Karen Hoffman at 301-459-7590.

Beyond our number porting service, JSI can assist with all of your company’s LNP activities, including:

  • Number portability training to broaden your staff’s understanding of porting requirements, as well as those of other providers operating within your service area
  • Number portability compliance with interconnection agreements and FCC rules
  • Project management of interconnection and number portability implementation with competitors
  • Documenting Number Portability Procedures for competitors to follow when doing business with your company
  • Providing FCC Rule compliant port request and response forms
  • Assistance with port request validation and submissions

JSI is also a voting member of the North American Numbering Council (NANC), an FCC advisory council charged with making recommendation to the FCC that will shape the future of numbering and porting. JSI represents the views and interests of its clients regarding service impacting numbering and porting decisions.

Additionally, JSI offers the “Numbering & Porting Essentials” bundle to ensure clients are up-to-date on important number portability issues being discussed by industry working groups, changes to numbering and porting as the industry moves to an all-IP network, robocall relief education and news on other numbering and porting initiatives within the industry.

The bundle subscription includes one free annual numbering/porting-related webinar, six web-based numbering and porting informational sessions, and special publications immediately notifying subscribers of service-impacting numbering and porting industry activity.

For information about number portability training, implementation and compliance, or the “Numbering & Porting Essentials” bundle, contact Bridget Alexander White at 301-459-7590.


  • JSI is a proactive partner, closely attuned to the financial, technological, business and policy developments unfolding across the industry.
  • Our team regularly meets with the FCC and PUC staff on regulatory initiatives and provides expert testimony in federal and state proceedings.
  • JSI plays a prominent role in industry and association forums and champions the interests of community based independent providers as policy is debated and formed.
  • Our staff is knowledgeable, accessible and consistently receives positive feedback.
  • We give back to the industry and local communities through various charitable activities.

What Clients Say

Though we are probably not one of their largest customers, they treat us like we are their only customer. They are always there and prompt when we need them to help us navigate this most complex industry. We are fortunate to have them as a partner.
Jeff Leslie, ITS Telecom


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