State and Federal Compliance

We offer clients a thorough overview of federal and state regulations for ILECs and CLECs, broadband service providers, long-distance and wireless carriers, cable TV/video operators, electric cooperatives and fixed wireless providers.

JSI brings compliance expertise to many areas, and assists with federal and state regulatory reports, certifications and applications that require detailed accounting or network information.

  • Privacy matters
    • CPNI
    • “Red Flag” Rule
    • Cybersecurity Compliance
  • ETC Reporting
    • Form 481
    • HUBB
    • Broadband Testing
  • Broadband Reporting
    • Form 477
    • USAC’s Polygon Mapping Submission
  • FCC Filings
    • CALEA
    • Outage
    • 911
    • Disability
    • Call Completion
  • USAC
    • Lifeline
    • E-Rate & Rural Healthcare Compliance
  • Customer Notices
    • Battery Back-up
    • Copper Retirement
  • Agreements
    • Intercarrier
    • Affiliate
    • Video – Franchise & Retransmission
  • Federal & State Compliance
    • Certifications
    • Record Retention
    • Regulatory Fees
    • VoIP
    • Wireless
  • Billing & Collections
    • “Truth-in-Billing”
    • Standalone Broadband
    • Charges & Fees
  • Video Compliance
    • Copyright
    • Public Inspection File
    • EEO
    • EAS
    • Compliance Reviews
  • Compliance Tools
    • CPNI & Red Flag Rule
    • Disaster Recovery & Video Manuals
  • Responding to Regulators’ Inquiries
    • Complaint Responses
    • FCC Special Access Data Request
  • Responding to Copyright Infringement Notices
    • Digital Millennium Copyright Act Policies and Procedures
  • Compliance with Industry Requirements
    • Credit Card Industry PCI Compliance

Contact Marty Kluh at 301-459-7590 or Lans Chase at 770-569-2105 for assistance with FCC and state compliance.


  • JSI is a proactive partner, closely attuned to the financial, technological, business and policy developments unfolding across the industry.
  • Our team regularly meets with the FCC and PUC staff on regulatory initiatives and provides expert testimony in federal and state proceedings.
  • JSI plays a prominent role in industry and association forums and champions the interests of community based independent providers as policy is debated and formed.
  • Our staff is knowledgeable, accessible and consistently receives positive feedback.
  • We give back to the industry and local communities through various charitable activities.

What Clients Say

JSI has been part of our team for 30 plus years. Their expertise and forward thinking philosophy in both regulatory matters and business opportunities have contributed greatly to the success of Hill Country Telephone Cooperative.
Delbert Wilson, General Manager
Hill Country Telephone


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