Keeping your employees and families safe is the top priority, but you
are likely increasingly concerned about your company’s finances

To help, JSI has created a simple, yet insightful, tool for your company to easily and rapidly:

    • Model a range of varying impacts to
      end user-based revenue streams

    • Determine when you’ll fall below
      minimum desired liquid working cash
      levels and/or negative cash flow

    • Show which scenarios cause debt
      service coverage to fall below
      acceptable levels

    • Define impact on EBITDA and cash
      flow at varying levels of service

    • Model several hypotheticals that
      illustrate the foregoing stats based on
      varying levels of assumed:

      – Pre-planned investment elimination/ deferral; and,
      – Accounts payable deferrals – level
      and timing
    • Produce several pre-formed
      illustrations and graphs you can use
      as management/Board
      briefing/planning materials

If you would like to know more about the tool or are interested in having us model potential impact scenarios for you: