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 JSI’s Post-Award Suite of Compliance Solutions

With our PostAwardNow℠ solutions and related compliance services for broadband award recipients, your business can rest assured that it has all of the support it needs to succeed — from the day you receive your award documents through closeout.

Let JSI Help You to Avoid Unnecessary, Award-Related Compliance Risks with Our Comprehensive Post-Award Suite of Solutions

Suite Overview

Congratulations — whether you have recently submitted a broadband grant application or won any number of broadband awards, JSI is here to help you at every step along the way. Our post-award subject matter experts can assist you with building and maintaining compliant processes and help you successfully navigate the many requirements set by the awarding agency ‒ beginning with project implementation through the closeout period. JSI’s suite of scalable post-award services has been designed to provide award recipients with:

Essential Education Services >
JSI’s Grant Compliance Training Series.
Let JSI provide you with essential insight into the award and program requirements that are relevant to your business.

Customized Resources >
JSI’s Post-Award Toolkit.
Our team can prepare customized documentation and training to support your business’s unique needs.

Customized Support and Tracking Solutions >
JSI’s PostAwardNow
Service. Let JSI provide you with the resources that your business needs to effectively streamline the tracking and timely submission of all reporting.


JSI is here to help ensure your success throughout your entire post-award performance period. To learn more now, you can schedule a complimentary, no-obligations demo today simply by clicking the button below.


For more information on JSI’s three post-award packages ‒ including our online Grant Compliance Training Series, our Post-Award Toolkit, and our PostAwardNow℠ services ‒ please keep reading.   


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JSI’s Grant Compliance Training Series

With JSI’s Post-Award Training Series, you and your company can take your post-award compliance to the next level. In particular, when you choose our Post-Award Training Series, you can expect to receive access to:


  • All of the essential knowledge and skills to effectively manage your grant awards, navigate compliance requirements, and successfully prepare for potential audits.

  • Four (4) two-hour training sessions that will take place over the course of the year, will be based on the federal Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards (also known as 2 CFR Part 200), and will cover the most sought-after compliance topics.

Our training program provides valuable insight into the applicable rules and requirements for federal grants such as ReConnect, the Broadband Infrastructure Program, and Tribal Broadband Connectivity, as well as for grants that pass from federal agencies through the states, such as the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) and Capital Projects.

To learn more and register for our training sessions on June 22 (“Procurement: Who, What, Why, and How?”), August 24 (“Financial Management, Grant Accounting, and Grant Reporting”), September 21 (“Broadband Construction and Labor Standards”), and October 26 (“Audits and Closeout”), simply click the button below.

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JSI’s Post-Award Toolkit

JSI’s Post-Award Toolkit is ideal for companies with dedicated personnel, existing internal infrastructure and processes, and the post-award experience to self-manage all of their post-award requirements. Specifically, this solution includes:


  • Program-specific compliance checklist(s);
  • A post-award management guide; and
  • Access to JSI’s online Post-Award Training Series, which consists of four (4) virtual training sessions led by JSI.


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JSI’s PostAwardNow Solutions

PostAwardNow℠ Essential 

JSI’s PostAwardNow℠ Essential solution is ideal for companies with dedicated personnel who want more hands-on support with internal controls, processes, and reporting requirements while still self-managing the post-award experience and all of their post-award requirements. This solution includes all of the standard Post-Award Toolkit features, as well as:


  • Access to JSI’s web-based PostAwardNow℠ platform to manage Uniform Guidance, program-specific reporting requirements, and more ‒ which includes a complimentary introductory call with our team and company training on the tool.
  • Fifteen (15) hours of advisory services to use at your discretion on any post-award issues that you might face, including procurement questions, assessing allowable costs, and reviewing invoices, among other things.
  • Two (2) JSI-hosted annual calls lasting 30 to 60 minutes each to ensure that you and your company stay on track and that all of your post-award requirements and related needs are being met.


PostAwardNow℠ Premium

JSI’s PostAwardNow℠ Premium solution has been specially designed for companies with limited resources that would like to have JSI project manage all of their post-award requirements. This solution includes:


  • All of the features and benefits of JSI’s Post-Award Toolkit and PostAwardNow℠ Essential solution;
  • Access to the web-based PostAwardNow℠ platform, which will be fully managed by JSI;
  • JSI-hosted status calls every other month to ensure that all filings are on time and on track; and
  • An additional fifteen (15) hours of advisory services per grant type, which you can use at your discretion to address any post-award issues that you might face.