Financial & Accounting

Communications providers are facing unprecedented pressure today to boost bottom lines, limit expenses, and find new revenue sources. Let our team use its expertise and decades of industry experience to help ensure your company’s long-term success and profitability.

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Compliance & Regulatory Affairs

The rapid evolution of the telecommunications industry has left many communications providers facing an increasingly complex host of federal and state rules and regulations. Rest assured: Our team of former government officials and industry veterans is here to provide your company with all of the essential advice, strategies, and solutions that it needs to stay ahead of these changes and remain in compliance at all times.

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Broadband Labels

Be prepared for the latest FCC regulatory requirement, designed to provide customers with detailed, easy to digest information about broadband internet services.

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Business Development

JSI has been a trusted advisor and preferred business partner to hundreds of independently owned communications providers for 60 years. Discover today how the complete range of business development consulting services offered by our expert team can help your company make the most of your competitive opportunities and challenges.

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Service Development

Successfully expanding telecommunications services requires strategic business plans, network assessments, market analyses and pricing, affiliate and interconnection agreements, and regulatory support, among other things. Learn how JSI’s team of industry experts can provide you with all of the critical advice and support that you need to ensure your company’s success at every stage of its expansion.

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Over the past 60 years, JSI has served as the preferred partner to the senior staff and boards of directors of countless independently owned telecommunications companies, providing them with the critical advice and support they have needed to achieve their corporate goals.

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Grant Services

JSI has a complete suite of solutions to assist you in the entire funding process from assessing the right opportunity to completing the project.

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Broadband IP Network Design

The Broadband IP Network Design process builds upon the plan by digging deeper into quantifiable elements, including potential facility sizes and placement locations, subscriber counts, utilization of existing assets, and other applicable project elements to generate initial cost estimates and illustrative documentation such as design maps and diagrams. As part of our comprehensive network design services, JSI’s expert ISP engineers will also help you to identify, evaluate, and deploy broadband and telecommunications technology.

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Information Technology & Security

As part of our Information Technology & Security services, JSI’s ISP engineers will assist you with transit and peering interconnections, BGP provisioning, server design and configuration, IP address securement and assignments, IPv4 to IPv6 transitioning, network monitoring, on-site and remote support, CALEA support, hosted services, routing design and optimization, MPLS circuit provisioning, and carrier Ethernet aggregation.

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IP Technology

With JSI’s IP Technology service, our information technology and security group supports internet service providers (ISPs) by assisting them with:
• Layer 2/3 (switching and routing) areas
• ISP server design and configuration
• Full range of security services including:
• DDoS attack mitigation
• Cybersecurity audits
• Back office and LAN/WAN services

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Layer 2/Layer 3 (Switching & Routing) Areas

With JSI’s Layer 2/Layer 3 (Switching & Routing) Areas service, clients can expect to receive services that cover edge and core routing, BGP provisioning, MPLS circuit provisioning, and carrier ethernet aggregation, among other things.

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Back Office & LAN/WAN

As part of our Back Office & LAN/WAN Services, JSI provides its clients with automated backup design and implementation, disaster prevention, and recovery planning services.

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Fiber Network Planning & Design

Rest assured: JSI’s premier outside plant (OSP) engineering team strives to find the most cost-effective approach possible when designing and implementing a fiber-optic network. Discover how our engineers can deliver the network services and solutions you need to succeed – today, tomorrow, and in the years to come.

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Fiber Network Project Management & Implementation

At JSI, our Project Management & Implementation services are designed not only to satisfy the terms of a particular construction contract, but also to enhance our client’s peace of mind by incorporating appropriate checks and balances into the project and ensuring that the final product does, in fact, exceed the applicable contract specifications.


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Carrier Access Billing & Order Management

Our Carrier Access Billing & Order Management solutions were specifically developed to meet the needs of service providers in a dynamic and rapidly changing industry, JSI not only has the expertise to assist clients in finding an access billing system that meets their needs, but it also has the ability to provide the monitoring and collection services to protect their clients’ access revenues. Further, with the increasing number and types of service providers, it is more important than ever to have an effective order management process in place.

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Equipment Provisioning & Troubleshooting

As part of the comprehensive list of network engineering solutions that we offer our clients, JSI will oversee the actual deployment and acceptance of broadband and telecommunications technologies, and our team will even offer clients troubleshooting assistance as part of our commitment to delivering end-to-end solutions.

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Network Management Service - NOC+

Rest assured: with JSI’s popular NOC+ network-management subscription service, you can expect:
• Network resources to help you grow your business and sleep well at night
• Expert engineers to monitor and support your network on a 24/7 basis
• Technology to identify emerging network issues before they become problems

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Network Solutions

As an end-to-end broadband solutions provider, our Managed Services team also offers clients a wide range of other essential network solutions and services.

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Cyber Security

Take the guesswork out of the regulatory compliance mandates, and protect your network with our cyber security services.

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Leo Staurulakis and Steve Meltzer Named as Recipients of Key Industry Awards

March 14, 2023, Greenbelt, MD: During the recent 2023 Rural Telecom Industry Meeting & EXPO (RTIME), JSI Co-Chairman Leo Staurulakis and JSI President Steve Meltzer were named the recipients of NTCA-The Rural Broadband Association’s (NTCA’s) “Associate Member Outstanding Achievement Award” and the Foundation for Rural Service’s (FRS’s) “Distinguished Service Award,” respectively.

NTCA’s annual RTIME event – which is the largest conference for rural, independent broadband providers in the United States and regularly plays host to thousands of industry leaders and vendors – was held in San Diego, California this year, from February 19 through February 22, 2023.

NTCA Associate Member Outstanding Achievement Award

NTCA established its annual Associate Member Outstanding Achievement Award for the purpose of recognizing an employee or recent retiree of an associate member company who has demonstrated “outstanding personal and professional accomplishments” as well as “extraordinary service for the benefit of the telecommunications industry” at the local, state, and national levels.

Each year, NTCA’s member-based Awards Committee selects the recipient of this and the association’s other prestigious “eXcellence Awards,” which are the highest honors that NTCA confers on individual members. The association then officially announces the names of all its annual eXcellence Award winners at RTIME.

Mr. Staurulakis, a former JSI Executive Vice President and now Co-Chairman, joined JSI on a full-time basis in 1983. Mr. Staurulakis has been actively involved in assisting the firm’s clients with various management and operational issues in the areas of business, management, and financial services. Specifically, Mr. Staurulakis has worked with individual clients in areas including strategic business planning and business plan development, competitive services development (such as broadband, CLEC, video, resale, and wireless, among other things), operational management, as well as the acquisition, sale, valuation, and financing of communications properties.

Further, Mr. Staurulakis previously served on both the NTCA’s Associate Member Advisory Council and the FRS Board of Directors, and he spearheaded the creation of the Staurulakis Family Scholarship, underscoring his lifelong commitment to giving back to rural America. In addition to the considerable time and financial support that he given to support NTCA events and initiatives, Mr. Staurulakis has served as a speaker, sponsor, and consistent presence at decades’ worth of NTCA conferences.

FRS Distinguished Service Award

FRS’s annual Distinguished Service Award is the highest honor awarded by the foundation, which was established in 1994 as the non-profit arm of NTCA to support rural telecommunications companies, consumers, and policymakers with educational information, products, and programming. First presented in 2022, the Distinguished Service Award was designed to recognize exceptional individuals who have made significant impacts and meaningful contributions to FRS through their leadership or fundraising efforts.

Mr. Meltzer, who in recent months celebrated his forty-fifth year of employment at JSI, serves as the President of JSI’s Consulting and Business Services Division and oversees all work under the company’s financial, business advisory, regulatory affairs, billing and order management, and revenue requirements departments. His knowledge of the rural telecommunications industry, particularly in relation to universal service, settlements, and complex Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations, has made Mr. Meltzer a highly sought-after speaker and industry policy group member.

Mr. Meltzer has supported the industry for decades through the coordination of toll cost studies as well as his critical assistance with FCC filings and important industry matters such as the Universal Service Fund (USF), among other things. Additionally, along with his lengthy service on the FRS Board, Mr. Meltzer has worked on the National Exchange Carrier Association’s (NECA’s) Cost Issues Task Group, NECA’s Rate Development Task Force, the Rural Association Group that worked on regulatory and settlement reform with the FCC. Mr. Meltzer continues this tradition of service through his ongoing work as a member of NTCA’s Industry and Regulatory Policy Committee.

About JSI

JSI is a full-service consulting firm and broadband solutions leader, providing a complete range of financial, engineering, management, operational, regulatory, and strategic assistance to independent, community-based communications providers. For more than 60 years, JSI’s business knowledge, experience, and demonstrated record of success have helped its clients plan and realize long-term success and profitability. JSI has relationships with approximately 750 communications entities in 46 states and several US territories. Headquartered in Greenbelt, Maryland, JSI also has offices in Alaska, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina, Texas, Utah, and Wisconsin. For more information, visit the JSI website at


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