JSI’s CPR service provides detailed, accurate, and organized records to help keep your company prepared for the inevitable.

If you do not have a comprehensive CPR, we can help. JSI has decades of experience helping companies like yours gather and maintain their CPR information into an accurate and user-friendly system. We offer a broad range of services to meet your CPR needs – central office, CATV, and support assets. We also maintain existing databases, supplying the most current information when you need it. Our Continuing Property Records (CPR) service includes:

  • Physical inventories
  • Database creation, conversion, and maintenance
  • Equipment pricing
  • Tracking equipment additions and retirements
  • Training

Your CPR as a Disaster Response Tool

If your community is hit with a flood, tornado or wildfire, can you accurately account for all of your company’s assets? Do you know what equipment you have, each item’s historical cost, and it’s location? An up-to-date inventory, in the form of a CPR, is key in times of crisis. Your CPR would have the vital information needed to file an insurance claim in one easily accessible place.

Your CPR as an Audit Response Tool

During the latest Beneficiary and Contributor Audit Program (BCAP) performance audits, USAC randomly selected from companies’ individual equipment line items. From these selections, USAC requested the installation work orders; all material, labor and overheads associated with those work orders; the accounts they were booked to; and where the item was physically located. Does your CPR include this detailed information?

Your CPR as a Management Tool

As a manager, you need to know what equipment you have, each item’s original cost, and its location. Being able to track your capital expenditures from work order, to service placement, to retirement is crucial for knowing where your company’s investment and USF dollars are going. A comprehensive CPR is a key resource for every aspect of your operation’s management.

Download the JSI CPR flyer

For more information on JSI CPR services, contact: Denise Whittington at

dwhittington@jsitel.com or 301-459-7590.